RV Lifestyler: Mollee Veurink

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Are you an RV Lifestyler? Want to be one?
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I will be on the hunt for RVers who are living the RV Lifestyle or do it as a hobby...whether it is a hobby for you or you take it on full time, I'm looking for you! I will have a series of questions related to the RV Lifestyle and you can answer them and include photos.
This will be a great way to share your adventures and inspire others with how to enjoy the RV experience! Are you traveling for the year and want to share your experience? This is perfect for you! You will be an RV Lifestyler feature and this will be a way to connect with fellow RVers.


Here is a little bit more about me, as well as what some of my hobbies are. If you are an RV Lifestyler, you will be answering a series of fun questions similar to this below (a few different ones!) It will look similar to this blog post...you can include a photo or two of how you do the RV Lifestyle and I will link your Social Media sites, so others reading can connect with you.

My set up with work inside an RV! 
Coffee, design work and just the luxuries of home. 


Name: Mollee Veurink

Occupation: I'm a Graphic Design student and also the Social Media & Marketing Assistant at my family's RV Dealership, Veurinks' RV Center

Favorite Color: Any and all shades of Blue! 
I think it is a calming color and reminds me of the water.

Favorite Hobbies: I love to create! DIY crafts, jewelry making and design are my hobbies. I love mixing the boat life with the RV life, as well as traveling around the world. 

What is RV Like A Girl? RV Like A Girl is an RV Lifestyler blog and movement. I grew up in the RV Industry, as my family owns an RV Dealership. This is a way to connect with fellow RVers who have a passion for all things RVing and glamping. I think you should embrace this form of travel and luxury vacationing! On this blog, I share experiences, tips, recipes, throwback RV photos, and fun RV themed decor. Although I don't RV Full time, I still think it is important to share the passion and connect, network and be a resource for those who RV as a hobby or full time.

Favorite Place I've RVed: My favorite place is Holland State Park. I grew up RVing there, ever since I was a little girl. It's pretty much my second home! I will have to say, Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground is one of my favorites. It's way up in Northern Michigan and it sits right along the water. You have the view of the Mackinaw Bridge and are minutes away from downtown and hopping on the ferry to the island. It has more of the rustic vibe of camping and is more quiet up in Northern Michigan. It's peaceful and you won't really know anyone...a great way to relax!

Holland State Park | Holland, MI

A place I want to RV: I've seen some of your RVing adventures on Instagram...I REALLY want to RV to the East Coast or even out West! Looks beautiful.

Most Memorable RV Moment: My brother played football all through high school. When he was on the varsity team, some of the families would all tailgate before every game. Everyone would bring a dish to pass and it was one giant potluck! Whether it was a beautiful fall Friday night or a rainy one, we had the luxuries of the RV to create a unique and fun tailgating experience. Many people don't realize the versatility of using an RV in that way.
I think it is a different perspective of how you can enjoy the RV Lifestyle too! We would also pile people in the RV for a road trip to the away games.

Best Hobo Pie Recipe: Fresh Blueberry and Peach hobo pies! Bread, filling, fresh fruit from the market, and top it with some powdered sugar when finished. Don't forget to butter the pieces of bread prior to cooking it!

RVing Tip: Enjoy time to "unplug." RVing can be a vacation and a time to relax, if you make it that way. Yes, I understand some work out of the office and in the RV. But, it is important to live in the moment and take in new experiences. Spend time with your loved ones, unplug from the social media and internet, and make memories. RVing should be a vacation, so treat the experience the same way.

Describe the RV Lifestyle in 3 different words/phrases:
No Agenda 
Don't overplan. Just enjoy the moment!
Make Memories
Take in the sights, sounds & smells of where you are RVing!
You get to cater the trip to what YOU enjoy and like to travel.

5 Items I always make sure to bring RVing: 
A camera, sweatshirt, bug spray, deck of cards, & hobo pie makers.
But, let's be honest, RVing allows you to bring the luxuries of home....so bring it all ;)

Why the RV Lifestyle? I think people have a negative view of what RVing is. They get it confused with camping and roughing it. RVing is allowing the luxuries of home to still be available for you in an RV. It is a fun way to travel and see the world. You can make it as rustic or luxurious as you want! You can customize the experience in how you want to take it and it is always a NEW adventure. I also like that you can bring elements from the "RV Lifestyle" into your everyday routine. For example, my parents have a cottage and enjoy the lake, boat and cottage life, mixed with the RV life! Sometimes we bring an RV up if we need more sleeping space...and we of course roast marshmallows and cook over the fire! There's different ways to incorporate RVing into your life.

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RVing in Muskegon State Park last Summer....GORGEOUS!


There ya have it! I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about me and the RV Lifestyle. I will be looking out for more RV Lifestylers! Contact me if you want to be one.