Fixer Upper: RV Reno | Tin Can Homestead

By now, you should know my love for all things vintage, 
mixed with that modern style, and a hint of rustic elements.

When it comes to RV Renos, the ideas and inspiration is endless! There are so many fun ways to vamp up your older RV and make it feel more like home. 

Well, this RV Reno is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. 

This one...I mean, I am still in awe of how perfect it is. I shared it with you over on Instagram and you all were just as in love with it as I am! The style, the color palette, the freshness of the end result is so on point. Can I rent it out? I would have so much fun doing photo shoots with my dogs....ok, don't lie, you would too.

Meet The Tin Can Homestead. I am giving you a quick glance into their renovated Airstream. This is just a teaser, as I am going to direct you over to their actual Instagram page.

All sorts of adorable. 
This just screams, "let's have brunch outside and sip something to drink." 
The patio, umbrella, plants...everything.
...it illustrates the relaxation that the RV Lifestyle delivers.

The plants, tile, rustic and minimal accents. Nailed it.

....I'm just picturing my little Sophie and Lilly in this tin can. So cute!

Natasha does handmade pottery. Seriously, I want it all!
Check out her gorgeous products: SHOP

Um, matte gold, greens, and all the white....I just fainted.

Kitchen Essentials. 
They must be really good at keeping plants alive...I struggle in that department. I'd have to go with the fake plants and succulents at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

Give me it all. I love the textures, fresh nature, and minimal approach to this. It definitely shows off the character and style in this photo. 

Many RVers can't always wrap their minds around being able to really personalize and style their RV. Find and bring in elements that represent you and your personality. Fresh plants, textured pillows, and decor that reflects who you are. 

If you are stuck in this boat, go on pinterest or follow other RVers and home decor enthusiasts on Instagram. You can get so many ideas, without always having to break the bank!
...speaking of, we have some exciting things coming your way at 
Veurinks' RV in our Camp Store Boutique! Stay tuned.

Everything about this.

....that's just a peek inside their Airstream. 

I encourage you to get inspired with Brett & Natasha's space and follow their journey! I am so in love with their sense of style and way they do the RV Lifestyle...in Airstream form. You can see their before photos on their Insta page and drool even more.

P.S: Brett & Natasha...please trek on over to Grand Rapids, MI so I can see this baby in real life!